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The Wealthy

Exit Method

A 1:1 Coaching & Mentoring program for small and medium sized business owners who are actively or considering selling their business. 

8 out of 10 businesses advertised the traditional way DONT SELL!

And that is not good enough!

Small and medium-sized businesses, and by definition, us – their owners, are the bedrock of every economy on the planet. We’re the creators AND the do-ers. We make up over 99% of businesses and we employ over 50% of the workers in the UK Economy. And I’ll guarantee you that most SME business owners work harder than any C-Suite exec in a listed company.

And then after all that, only 2 in 10 of them sell. There are some stats about the other 8 too, but they don’t make good reading. Like I said before. Not acceptable.

So I spent a few years exiting my investments and really getting in the trenches to create a proper plan; a system. One that works for as close to 10 out of 10 as possible rather than just the lucky 2. One that gets businesses sold. One that rewards you for what you’ve created.

The Wealthy Exit Method is a 1:1 program, during which you and I will work together to get your business sold. It’s not free, but its a hell of a lot less than you’d pay most brokers via the “traditional” method (that is 80% likely to fail anyway). Plus there’s a 100% money back guarantee.

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